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Supporting and Building Future Leaders

Strengthening Utah’s Teens

Since 2007, Building Utah Youth has been committed to investing in the future of Utah’s communities. We do this by utilizing the Teen Leadership Breakthrough program, which teaches youth leadership qualities. Through team-building exercises, self-reflection, and collaboration, teens become empowered to create positive change within themselves and the world around them.

Often, the youth who are nominated to our teenage leadership program are in need of a gentle nudge to find direction in their lives or to build self-confidence. Other times, our participants are good students and fine athletes, yet they still need some lessons on leadership qualities in order to focus their potential. Many people can identify a teenager like these mentioned. You may have even been this type of teenager! Imagine how your life would have been impacted by a program like this.

Building Utah Youth is open to all teenagers between the ages of 15 to 18 who live in Utah. We strive to provide all students with the youth leadership skills they’ll need to become our next generation of thoughtful, responsible leaders.

The Ripple Effect

Building Utah Youth is actively engaged in creating positive change in the lives of Utah teens. We call this the RIPPLE effect.

R espect
I ntegrity
P ersonal Power
P assion
L eadership
E nthusiasm

This dynamic youth leadership training course not only focuses on creating leaders, but more importantly, it is a framework to help individuals learn more about who they are as a person (Personal Power). The youth discover what their personal motivations are and how they can be utilized to help them reach their goals (Passion). Teens learn how to focus their creativity on certain tasks, how to work collaboratively (Respect), and about the characteristics of a great leader (Integrity, Leadership). Keep in mind, this personal development course is designed specifically for youth and is made to hold their attention.