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Building Future Leaders

Transforming Utah Teens Into Successful Adults

Strengthening Utah begins with our kids. So we’ve set out to empower Utah youth to create positive change in their lives and become better versions of themselves!

Do you know a family member, student, or student-athlete, aged 15-18, who could benefit from improving their skills in areas such as accountability, teamwork, self-confidence, passion, enthusiasm, focus, motivation, and communication? If so, they would make an excellent candidate for our youth leadership training program.

Nominate A Teen

By filling this out, the teen will be added to a waitlist for the class and a BUY representative will be in touch shortly.

What the participants will learn in this two-and-a-half-day teenage leadership course:

How to prioritize and stay focused on their efforts

When it’s important to listen, how to ask questions, and how to communicate ideas in a powerful way

Why passion and enthusiasm will help realize their mission and vision for life

Who they are and what makes them that way

How to be a successful teammate and build trust in everyday encounters with others while adding to a group’s success and bringing out the best in those around them

What makes a successful leader and how to incorporate those traits in everyday life

How to apply accountability in their own lives and in those around them

What they can accomplish when they willingly take action

To unleash their personal power by facing fears and moving forward, rather than living in the past

This youth leadership training program will build better students, team players, athletes, contributors, and future adults. Our summer program has helped thousands of students overcome a range of issues and harness the power within to become better people and future leaders.

As the only organization in Utah that facilitates teen leadership training, we hope that you seriously consider giving the gift of a bright future to a deserving teenager in your life. Nominate them for this unique summer youth leadership training program today!