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About Building Utah Youth

Youth Empowerment Benefits Our Collective Future

A proud, Utah-based nonprofit organization, Building Utah Youth (BUY) has been empowering our youth since 2007. We provide free leadership training for youth who have been nominated by teachers, coaches, and community partners, facilitated through dynamic team-building exercises and other fun youth-oriented activities. This type of investment in our youth is actually a reinvestment straight back into our community.

The impact of teenage leadership training is immediately seen in our schools and the teenagers’ home lives, but will have longitudinal benefits in our businesses and communities. As anyone who has experienced our leadership courses in the past will tell you, this type of training gives the individual a chance for self-reflection and personal growth. These training techniques will lead a person to a sense of public stewardship and personal accountability, producing crucial facets of character that cultivate over a person’s lifetime. Further, the entire community benefits, because empowered youth become responsible, capable adults and citizens.

We invite you to learn more about our program so that you can help us find youth who can benefit from what we offer. We want the youth of Utah to be within the ranks of dynamic people who make a positive difference in the world, and by nominating a teen, you will be, too. By Building Utah Youth, we are building a better Utah.