Building Utah Youth

Empowering Our Youth Through Leadership Training & Giving Of Oneself

Youth Leadership Programs For Utah Teens

Building Utah Youth is a nonprofit organization that provides the only youth leadership programs available to teenagers in our beautiful state. Our summer courses ensure each teen leaves with improved confidence and personal development skills that are invaluable to becoming the best versions of themselves when they reach adulthood. This investment in our youth becomes a reinvestment back into our community.

Our Mission

Building Utah Youth is committed to building a better future for Utah by offering transformative opportunities to youth who may otherwise be overlooked. We create collaborative relationships with our participants resulting in the development of personal integrity, youth leadership skills, and reverence for humankind.

We Help Prepare Teens For Adulthood

Empowered to take accountability and gain confidence
Learn how to communicate clearly and take action
Become better teammates and leaders

Make a difference in the world

Would you like to be one of the 3% who makes a difference in the world?

Sponsor Utah Youth

Our youth leadership programs give Utah teens a chance to build their confidence, accountability, trust, focus, and other essential skills they’ll need to become successful adults. By donating today, you will help a teen reach their potential.

Attend Our Annual Gala

Our annual Gala helps us deliver one of the most engaging youth leadership programs available. Proceeds from the Gala go toward hiring trainers who help participants gain the valuable skills they need to be better students, better athletes, better team players, and ultimately, better adults who contribute gainfully to society.

Our Partnership With Rapport

With the help of sponsors, Building Utah Youth partners with Rapport to offer their Teen Leadership Breakthrough course each summer. Rapport is a world-renowned organization that offers interactive leadership training courses, including programs for teens, that empower individuals to become better leaders and better versions of themselves. Rapport’s Teen Leadership Breakthrough course is a 2.5-day class designed for teens 15 to 18 years old who will be challenged to improve their own self-awareness and work on a variety of other skills that make up an effective leader.